5 Signs You Lack Endurance & Stamina

dreamstime_xs_32062334_tiredbusinessman1. You wake up feeling tired, even when you know you got enough sleep.

2. You try to boost your energy with a snack, but you just feel even more tired after you eat.

3. You’ve put on excess weight — or lost weight when you weren’t trying.

4. Simple activities you used to enjoy have become daunting tasks – playing sports, keeping up with your kids, mowing the lawn – all require energy, and if your body doesn’t have the tools it needs to fuel your day, you fall behind quickly.

5. You’ve lost interest in intimacy, or enjoy it less due to fatigue.

How do you take your energy back?  The answer is not a pill or a magic potion – it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle, and being MORE active!  Research shows that regular, low-intensity exercise may help boost energy levels in people suffering from fatigue.

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