You’re probably wearing the wrong sports bra

sports_braWhat we’re doing wrong: Most of us are wearing “Compression” sports bras. These are the kind without defined cups, and they’re probably what you associate with a classic sports bra.

What we should be doing instead: we should be wearing “encapsulated” sports bras –the kind with defined cups. This limits the movement not just up and down, but also from the other angles that can put a strain on the connective tissue of the chest and cause sagging.

What else do we need to know: your sports bra should have an actual closure – it shouldn’t just “pull over” your head. Think about it. If the bra can fit over your shoulders, it’s too loose to give you the support you need during physical activity.

And don’t think you get a pass just because you’re smaller up top – even A cup chests have ligaments that can be damaged if not supported properly.

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