Sneaky Ways to Get More Calcium

We know we need calcium for strong bones, but many of us just aren’t getting enough.

Did you know that there are other ways to get calcium into your diet besides milk & dairy? (Or, besides taking calcium pills so big they look like something designed for an elephant)

We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t make these any smaller?

For those of us wishing for some calcium rich options that are unprocessed and healthy, check out the following list and work a few of these sneaky calcium sources into your diet!

1. White beans = 191 mg (19% of Daily Value) per 1 cup.  Beans and rice or white bean hummus with veggies & pita bread make for a protein-packed snack with NO cholesterol!

2. Dried Figs 107 mg (10% of Daily Value) per 8 figs. Pro-tip: there are lots of yummy recipes out there for figs, and you can make them into jam, too!)

3. Bok Choy 74 mg (7% of Daily Value) per 1 cup.  Stir fry some bok choy with some ginger, garlic, and lean chicken for a delicious asian-style dinner. 

4. Blackstrap Molasses 172 mg (17% of Daily Value) per 1 tablespoon. It’s quite good on whole wheat toast.

5. Kale: 188 mg (19% of Daily Value) per 2 cups (chopped)  And you thought it was just for decoration on your plate at the restaurant!

6. Black – eyed peas: 185 mg (18% of Daily Value) in 1/2 cup canned. Pea soup, anyone?

7. Almonds: 72 mg (7% of Daily Value) in 1/4 cup dry roasted.  Grab a handful of almonds as an afternoon snack, for a little healthy fat and protein. 

8. Oranges: 65 mg (6% of Daily Valu)e in 1 medium fruit.  Oranges are delicious, and portable!

9. Seaweed: 126 mg (13% of Daily Value) in 1 cup raw. Can anyone say “SUSHI” or Miso soup?