woman using massage chair to recover from workout

After Your Workout, Spoil Yourself
In Our Recovery Zone

tanning booths in owasso

While many people go to the gym, work out, hit the showers, and then go home, we want the experience to be much more than that. We want it to be a full-on experience, both in terms of working hard in the gym and giving your body time to recover in a relaxing way. That’s why we offer a recovery zone in our Owasso gym, something that our members absolutely love. And just like our training options, you have recovery options as well. 

In our Owasso gym, you’ll find secure locker rooms with private showers and private day use lockers. You’ll also discover saunas where you can relax after your workout. It’s an excellent way to sweat out the toxins in your body, leaving you feeling great and relaxed. Plus, the heat helps your muscles relax after you’ve trained them. Another option we have in our recovery zone is our HydroMassage. It’s the perfect massage to address sore muscles or injuries. Tanning services are also available in a clean, quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

What could be better? Stop by today at our Owasso location and let us show you how you can recover from your workout with the best 10GYM experience.