10GYM’s promotion is open to the public as an introduction to use our facilities for free. Guests do not have to come with a member.

Basic, Preferred and AAF members may bring or invite unlimited guests for free everyday, every time. All member’s guests may come anytime, more than one at a time, and do not have to come with the member. Free Supervised Childcare is only available to guests.

Basic Members may use Preferred amenities. AAF Members may use Preferred amenities. Preferred members may bring free unlimited friends and family members (and more than one guest per visit!). Free Supervised Childcare is for guests only. This promotion does not relieve members of membership dues.

Guests must be over 18 or, ages 12-17 accompanied by a legal guardian or parent.

This promotion is a limited time offer, that gives the public an opportunity to visit and use 10GYM for free. This promotion has a start and end date.