3 Reasons Why Cycling Is Good for You!

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Whether as a casual activity or a competitive sport, cycling is a great way to work in some exercise. Riding a bike is a versatile workout, because with just 30 minutes a day you can rev your heart rate and tone muscles too. Biking is both healthy and enjoyable!

Weather is unpredictable, though, so why not bring your cycling inside? Indoor cycles at 10GYM allow you to stay cool and dry in a climate-controlled environment. Upright or recumbent, indoor bikes mimic outdoor cycling with adjustable resistance levels for a fun, comfortable yet effective workout.

Here are a few mind/body reasons to consider adding cycling to your fitness routine.

1-   It’s Low Impact

Cycling is low impact exercise, which means it’s easy on joints — there are no jarring or weight-bearing actions like you’d experience with running or exercising on the gym floor. Pedaling is controlled and smooth, no matter how hard you push yourself.

Cycling also helps loosen stiff muscles, hips, and knees. Older adults may notice better mobility and flexibility through regular cycling, and recumbent bikes provide plenty of back support. Do you get bored cycling? Recumbent bikes can be ridden hands-free so you can read or play games while you workout!

2-   Your Heart Loves Cycling

There are numerous health benefits to cycling, which include protecting your heart. Cardio training increases heart rate and boosts metabolism, which helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You’ll burn calories and fat, too, as your metabolism soars!

3-   It’s a Mood Booster

Cycling is exercise that just makes you feel better! As blood and oxygen begin to circulate, endorphins (those feel-good hormones) are also released. You’ll feel energized and positive, which is your body’s natural response to exercise.

We have brand new bikes in the cardio training areas at our gyms in Oklahoma and Arkansas, so you can cycle indoors and avoid the heat, humidity, and storms.

Come ride with us today!

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