EXCITING NEWS!!  10GYM in Edmond is 24/7 !

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<span>BRING A FRIEND</span>Enjoy Our Guest Privileges

BRING A FRIENDEnjoy Our Guest Privileges

Increase your success by working out with your friends. It’s 10GYM’s mission to bring fitness to our local community. That’s why you can bring a friend to work out with you for accountability, support, and success! You can bring a guest for free every day and every time you work out as a Preferred Member.


We believe that everyone can be whatever they want to be and we believe that you can get in the best shape of your life. That’s why we offer everything you need to get there at our 10GYM locations, including our Edmond location. We have the equipment, tools, resources, and personal trainers to guide you through your struggles, weight loss plateaus, and more to ensure you have a great health journey as you work towards your goal. These reasons and more are why our members call 10GYM the best health club in Oklahoma.