strength training equipment at a gym in oklahoma

Strength Training Builds Muscles and Confidence

Man lifting weights in Edmond

If lifting weights sounds daunting to you, then you haven’t done the right strength training. There’s so much more to strength training than lifting weights, building bulky muscles, and only hanging out in this area of the gym. Instead, we’d like to introduce you to strength training that not only builds healthy muscle mass and bone health, but also helps assist you with weight loss and endurance. The reality is that strength training is a crucial part of training, whatever your health goal is. But that doesn’t mean you have to do barbells or free weights. We have a large selection of training equipment that can build muscles in your arms, legs and core without you having to feel bored with free weights. We have plenty of strength training options for you and we’d love to show them to you.  In fact, we are currently adding over 2000 sq ft of free weight space in our Edmond gym.  There will be a new separate dumbbell area with more dumbbells and new benches.  Also, we are adding new plate loaded equipment, new weight machines, more Olympic bench presses and incline bench presses, more squat racks and more cable crossovers. 

Stop by our Edmond location today if you’ve been searching for a health club with strength training areas. We’d love to show you why our members love us so much!


  • Dumbbells up to 100lbs
  • Olympic Bench Press
  • Dead Lift Platforms
  • Squat Racks
  • Smith Machines
  • Plate Loaded Equipment
  • Selectorized Machines