Group fitness class doing zumba

Get Motivated In Our Group Fitness Classes

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10GYM members love our Group Fitness classes

We understand that working out alone isn’t motivating for everyone. Even though you have fitness goals you want to reach, you don’t want to do it by yourself. That’s why you’ll find group fitness options at our many 10GYM locations. Group fitness is motivating, exciting, and keeps you accountable, as you show up and work out along others who hold themselves accountable to you. Talk about team effort! Group fitness classes have many benefits, which is why we offer group classes at all of our locations. For example, you’ll have better form with every exercise you do because you’ll be guided by our professional and experienced instructors. In addition, you’ll feel motivated because of the music selection and you’ll continue to return to the classes because of the social interactions. Each of our locations offers a large selection of classes, which means we have something for everyone.