woman using massage chair to recover from workout

Pamper Yourself in Our Luxurious Recovery Zone

tanning bed in a gym in oklahoma

If you’ve worked out and feel good about your performance and result, you may want to reward yourself. While we agree, we don’t want you heading to the snack aisle and treating yourself to sugary drinks and treats that will ruin your progress. Instead, we want to give you that treat, which is why we’ve created our recovery zone. At our Midwest City location, you’ll find our HydroMassage and saunas. Our HydroMassage is great if you have sore muscles after working out or just want to treat your body to some gentle massage. Our saunas are also ideal if you want to feel refreshed or if you need to sweat out any toxins.  You can also achieve a golden glow with indoor tanning services at our Midwest City gym. Or, if time is on your hands, you can enjoy them all!

Start your fitness experience by stowing your belongings in our private day use lockers, then get refreshed in the private showers we offer at 10GYM. Our recovery zone is just another reason why our members absolutely love our gym!


A specialized massage that uses water pressure to apply massage techniques to the body. This is done to alleviate muscle and soft tissue injuries caused by low back pain, arthritis, and acute or chronic pain. It can also be used to alleviate pain you may have sustained from working out, including tense muscles or sports injuries.

Dry Saunas

Our saunas are designed to help you sweat out toxins to make you feel better.


You also find tanning services at our gym, which means you can keep that year-round glow, regardless of the weather.

Locker Rooms

For your comfort and convenience, our Midwest City gym also provides locker rooms for your use. Stow your belongings in our day use lockers while you work out.

Private Showers

We also offer private showers as an essential part of your post-workout routine.


Stop by today to learn why our members call us the best gym in Oklahoma.