woman training her core with bosu ball

Take Charge of Your Fitness
with Functional Training

man training with battle ropes

Functional training is an effective training method that 10GYM is proud to offer. And you’ll find a dedicated functional training space at our Norman location.  We are in the process of adding a 3200 sq ft turf area with dumbbells, kettle bells, TRX, battle ropes, sand bags, foam rollers, resistance bands and plyo boxes.

This kind of training is beneficial if you simply want to be a stronger and healthier version of yourself. You’ll train all kinds of muscles that you use frequently, making you stronger, fitter, and more energetic. It’s truly the best kind of training if you strive for a better version of yourself. In case you’ve never heard of it, functional training targets the muscles and the movements that you use on a daily basis to give you a stronger body. These exercises and movements include squatting, lifting, jumping, pushing, and carrying heavy loads. By doing these functional exercises, you’ll boost your performance in your everyday life, making you more energetic and stronger. Stop by 10GYM’s Norman location today to learn more about how you can get started with functional training. If you’ve been searching for a gym with functional training, we’re happy to share that we have everything you need and more.

Core Stretch Area Features:

  • Kettle Bells
  • TRX Bands
  • Plyo Boxes
  • Medicine Balls
  • Foam Rollers
  • H.I.I.T Workouts
  • Room For
    • Walking Lunges
    • Squats
    • Lifting
    • Jumping
    • Pulling
    • Crunches
    • Sit-Ups