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Supervised Childcare in Our Kids Fun Zone

closeup of daycare in gym

Are you tired of making plans to come to the gym, only to have your babysitter flake the last minute? We know that childcare can be a major reason why you don’t make it to the gym, as you can’t leave your young children at home by themselves. It’s a huge problem, and it’s one that we offer a solution for. We don’t want the lack of childcare to get in the way of you not reaching your fitness and health goals. That’s why we’re proud to offer dedicated childcare at our Norman location. We don’t want unreliable babysitters or last-minute plans to be the reason why you can’t make it to our gym. At this location, we have our Kids Fun Zone, which is a space where your children can hang out while you work out. We allow childcare up to 2 hours for a single visit, which means you can spoil yourself for 2 hours by combining some of our amenities. Stop by our Norman location today if you’ve been looking for a gym with childcare. Our Kids Fun Zone is perfect for your children, if they want to have fun and love to explore new kid-friendly areas.

Childcare Plans


  • $17 /Month for 1 Child
  • $25/Month for 2 Children or More


  • On-the-Go Plan: $6/per child per visit

*Childcare is limited to a maximum of two (2) hours per visit


Kids Club Hours
Mon – Sat 8:45 am – 12:00 pm
Mon – Thur 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm