3 Benefits of Strength Training

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Reasons to Weight Train at Our OK and AR Gyms

What are your thoughts about strength training? Do you consider it for serious lifters only? Do you assume it will cause you to “bulk up”?

Fact is, working out with weights yields more than sculpted muscles. Strength training is beneficial for men and women.

Surprised? Here are 3 reasons to convince you that strength training at our Oklahoma and Arkansas gyms is for everyone.

Weight Training Improves Bone Strength

It goes without saying that strength training tones muscles; but working out with weights strengthens bones, as well.

Strong bones are especially important for women, as the approach of menopause causes a decrease in the hormone, estrogen. Lower levels of estrogen may lead to osteoporosis, which causes bones to weaken and fracture easily.

Resistance training not only helps maintain healthy bones and joints, but it also ensures that surrounding muscles are supportive and strong too.

Strength Training Burns Excess Body Fat

With ages comes slower metabolism, and keeping your heart rate and metabolism revved leads to calorie and fat burn.

A workout that incorporates compound movements (actions that utilize more than one muscle group like squats, lunges, or bicep curls), also serves as a low impact cardio workout. Rather than sweating on a bike or treadmill, strength training also increases heart rate, improves oxygen circulation, and burns calories even after your workout is over.

A Workout With Weights Builds Confidence

While you’re burning those excess stores of fat, you’re also building lean, toned muscle mass. You’ll look and feel better, your posture will improve, and you’ll project confidence with the new you!

Getting Started

Embarking on a strength training routine without proper guidance may lead to muscle injury or strain. Trainers at our Oklahoma and Arkansas fitness centers can demonstrate proper form and technique; and based on your fitness goals, can help you develop a routine that’s effective and efficient.

Strength training includes various types of equipment and machines, include free weights, dumbbells, squat machines, racks, and more. Start slowly and find what works for you. More than likely you’re going to get hooked!

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