Settle Back and Say Goodbye to Stress

woman using hydromassage chair to recover after workout

Relaxation and Recovery at 10GYM

We’re not just about exercise and sweat at 10GYM! We also believe in balance, and our health clubs offer various techniques for our members to relax, unwind, and recharge. Recovery Zones at our fitness centers in Oklahoma and Arkansas are perfect for self-care and mind/body balance.

Giving your body time to rest and refresh reaches deep down to the cellular level, because it allows your muscles time to loosen up and heal. Not only that, but your mind will clear and you’ll feel more focused. There are plenty of other healthy reasons to listen to your body and — just relax.

Ready to slow down and breathe for a few? Here are a few ideas for you.

Rest Days

Take a break from your high intensity workouts occasionally and let muscles replenish their energy stores. Instead of sprinting on a bike, try a yoga class and stretch it out. Instead of lifting weights, walk on the treadmill. Adding variety to your workout keeps your body balanced and lets muscles repair and heal.

woman doing a yoga pose in a group class


Immerse yourself in relaxation with time on the hydromassage chair. Remain fully clothed as warm water pulses gently along your body to loosen muscle tension, calm your mind, and ease soreness. You control the temperature, speed and intensity of the water jets for the ultimate in recovery and relaxation. Hydromassage is also great self-care to alleviate pain from a sports injury, arthritis, and low back pain. Right here at our Arkansas and Oklahoma gyms!

man relaxing and recovering in a hyromassage chair in modern gym


The soothing warmth of a sauna is another way to decompress after a hard day or a tough workout. The calm and quiet of our saunas, located in the locker rooms of our 10GYM locations, provide a peaceful place not only to relax, but also to sweat out toxins, increase circulation, and ease muscle and joint pain.

Sauna located in our gym.

Serving the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Fort Smith AK communities for 10 years, 10GYM offers premium amenities that focus on both mind and body fitness. Allowing your body to recover, whether from a workout or injury, is ultimately vital to your wellness too. Trust us to help you relax!

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