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Set Goals and Make a Plan with 10GYM

As the year-end holidays approach, many of us are already thinking about our 2023 resolutions. As usual, we promise to eat better and exercise more; and then, as usual, our best intentions often battle the headwinds of a busy lifestyle.

Work, family, school, social obligations. How is there enough time in the day to exercise? How do you make sure your resolutions aren’t just wishful thinking? Making time for fitness is important, and it’s worth finding ways to make time. Here are a few ideas from our gyms in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Tip #1 — Make a schedule and stick to it.

Staying on track with your fitness goals may feel like a full-time occupation, and so you want to make the most of your gym experience.

Pick the time that works best for your schedule and block it on your calendar. Whether you use a mobile or desktop scheduler -– or you’re old school and use a daily planner – set aside the time and stick to it.

Tip #2 – Get up earlier.

Ugh, we know. Early mornings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to getting dressed and out the door. But early morning gym time can help set a positive tempo for your day.

For example, starting with functional training will prepare core muscles for everyday tasks (like lifting, reaching, and carrying heavy loads). You’ll reenergize your body and rejuvenate your mind when you claim this moment of peace before diving into your day.

Tip #3 – Focus.

Clear your mind, get in the zone, and focus on the task at hand. Give your all during exercise, whether it’s a 20-minute spin or a quick circuit, and keep your goals in mind.

By the way, childcare shouldn’t be a worry! Our Kids Fun Zone will keep your kids busy while you work out.

Tip #4 – Find an exercise buddy.

Working out can be a challenge, especially if you’re feeling unmotivated. That’s why an exercise buddy can make all the difference! Having somebody to join you for regular workouts — and remind you when you don’t show up — can be a great way to stay accountable and bring some fun and variety into your fitness routine.

With a Preferred Membership at 10GYM, you can bring a guest everyday for free!

Tip #5 — Reward yourself with something special!

When it comes to getting the most out of workouts, motivation is key. A little bit of positive reinforcement can go a long way toward making sure that you stick to your routine. Take time for self-care in our Recovery Zone, with pampering amenities that include saunas and hydromassage.

Starting a workout routine can be tough, but once you get into a groove, it’ll become second nature. The key is to stick with it and not get discouraged if you miss a day here or there.

Set yourself up for success by following these tips and before you know it, working out will be part of your daily routine!

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