man relaxing and recovering in a hyromassage chair in modern gym

Spoil Yourself With Our Recovery Zone
At 10GYM Locations

Man getting a massage in gym recovery zone.

While an effective workout includes cardio, strength training and more, we also believe that the experience should be about self-care and reward. That’s why we offer our recovery zone at our 10GYM locations. We’re thrilled to offer HydroMassage, tanning, and dry saunas at our locations, something that our members absolutely love. So, if you’ve been looking for a gym with HydroMassage or a gym with saunas, you’ll feel right at home with 10GYM. If you’ve never heard of HydroMassage, it’s a specialized massage that uses water pressure to apply massage techniques to the body. This isn’t just a nice treat for you if you’ve just had an intense workout. It also helps alleviate discomfort if you’re struggling with a muscle injury or tenderness, or if you have low back pain, arthritis, and acute or chronic pain.

Our locations offer numerous tanning beds to ensure you have a sunkissed glow all year long.

Many of our members enjoy HydroMassage if they have a sports injury. But if you’re seeking some peace and quiet to unwind, then our saunas may be just your thing. You can find our saunas in our locker rooms. Our saunas are between 160 and 180 degrees and they are designed to help you sweat out toxins to make you feel better and prevent illness. It’s just another awesome way we give you what you need, making us the best gym in Oklahoma. Join online or at any of our 10GYM locations today.