Best Workouts for Your Arms

10GYM’s Tips for Arm Day

Love it or loathe it, arm day is essential for every fitness routine. It can be one of the most satisfying days at the gym, but it can also become a boring chore that no longer challenges your muscles. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, these tips will help you maximize gains and keep those arms looking sculpted and strong!

Start with some stretches to warm up your muscles.

Begin with a few simple stretches. Taking a few moments to warm up your muscles will get your blood flowing, improve flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, and leave you feeling energized.

Do a few sets of bicep curls with dumbbells or a resistance band.

For arm day newbies, start with bicep curls using either dumbbells or a resistance band. Slowly curl the weight by bending your elbow, and then slowly lower it back to the starting position. It’s a basic exercise that strengthens the front muscles of your upper arm.

Try triceps kickbacks, overhead extensions, or dips.

If you’re looking for an effective and easy way to tone your triceps (located on the back of your arm), give triceps kickbacks, overhead triceps extensions, or triceps dips a try!

Triceps kickbacks involve standing with one foot in front of the other while holding weights and lifting them back in an arcing motion behind you. Overhead triceps extensions are all about pressing the arms straight up above your head, again using weights if desired. Lastly, if you have a chair or bench available, try out some triceps dips – extending the arms behind you and bending them back at the elbow joint until just above parallel with the floor.

Finish up with a cool down.

After you’re done with your arm exercises, take some time to cool down by doing a few more stretches. This will not only help relax your muscles and reduce soreness, but it can also prevent injury in the long run.

Strength training at our Oklahoma and Arkansas gyms include an extensive selection of free weights and resistance machines. If you’re unfamiliar with proper form and technique, trainers are on hand to get you started safely.

Even experienced lifters can use advice occasionally, especially when a routine has grown stale or has you sitting at a plateau. Trainers can offer fresh workout ideas to jumpstart your exercise and get you back on the road to gains.

Find the 10GYM location near you and start sculpting today!


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