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A Decade-by-Decade Exercise Guide

Exercise is important for every age, not just the young at heart. Choosing a lifestyle that includes stretching and movement benefits every age group, from kids through senior adults; but understanding what works best for your age is important too.

Our gyms in Oklahoma and Arkansas created this quick guide that breaks down, decade-by-decade, the benefits of exercise.

In Your 20s and 30s

Energy is often the name of the game for adults of this age, and paying attention to regular exercise and good nutrition will pave the way for better health and wellness in the future. With a higher metabolism, you can get away with a little more (like staying up late or indulging in high fat and sugary snacks).

These are also the decades of social and career pressures that often push exercise aside.

Instead of fueling anxiety with social media comparisons and not-so-healthy snack choices, why not put that energy toward creating mind/body balance?

Working out at a gym often provides the structure and social interaction needed to get — and stay — healthier. Here are a few fitness ideas:

  • Try 30 minutes of cardio training 3x a week, then follow-up with 30 minutes of weight training (with free weights or a resistance machine).
  • Take part in a group fitness class that’s rigorous and fun. Think Zumba or bootcamp!
  • Consider circuit training — fast-moving, high intensity exercise that combines strength and cardio into one, full-body workout.

In Your 40s and 50s

You’ll begin to notice a few changes at this age, and women, in particular, may notice a significant difference as hormones levels begin to fluctuate.

Now’s the time to pay attention to health and strength, especially as chronic concerns (like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and depression) begin to surface.

  • Activities like functional training help keep core muscles strong, especially as muscles and joints begin to weaken from lower estrogen levels or the onset of arthritis.
  • Cardio training, like walking on a treadmill or riding an indoor bike, are great exercise options. You can workout at your own speed and intensity on single station machines.
  • To combat the stresses of everyday life, incorporate lower intensity exercise, like yoga, to stretch, breathe, and let go of tension.

In Your 60s and Beyond

Now’s the time to double down on exercise. Excuses won’t work! Staying active will help boost your metabolism, keep muscles and bones strong, and protect you from heart disease and osteoporosis. With even moderate exercise, you’ll have more energy and you’ll sleep better too.

You don’t have to overwork yourself, but healthy activities include:

  • Lower impact exercise like cycling on an indoor bike (where it’s climate-controlled and comfortable)
  • Stretching with yoga group exercise
  • Working out with functional training equipment (like resistance bands, kettlebells, and TRX) to keep muscles strong and limber
  • You could even try light weight training with controlled movements that are slow and sustained.

Personal Training

The customized fitness option of personal training is great for every age as you learn proper form, technique, intensity, and duration. Personal trainers at our Oklahoma and Arkansas gyms can help you find a routine that’s enjoyable, doable, and just a little challenging too.

Let’s Not Forget the Kids

We’ve covered every age, but let’s not leave out our youth!

Involving your children (or grandchildren) in fitness, even at an early age, helps them learn that exercise can be fun!  Even as toddlers, a daily dose of active play can help build strong muscles and bones, burn off that toddler energy, help them sleep better, and lower the chance of becoming overweight.

Youth ages 12 and older are welcome to exercise at 10GYM when accompanied by an adult. Bring your kids to workout with you! What better way to set an example with promoting good health and fitness? (Ages 16-17 are welcome to their own gym membership, but a legal guardian must accompany them to purchase a membership).

And there you have it! At 10GYM, we offer fitness for every stage! Contact us to learn more — or stop by the 10GYM location nearest you.




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