Staying Motivated to Workout (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)

6 Ideas to Keep Your Fitness Drive Alive

We’ve all been there. You planned to hit the gym after work, but once you’re out the door the prospect is suddenly much less appealing. It might be fatigue from a long day or because a better idea comes to mind; but whatever it is, finding yourself unmotivated can be tough!

So, how can you develop a focused mindset when your enthusiasm is on the decline? Here are 6 suggestions from our gyms in Oklahoma and Arkansas to help you stay motivated.

Revisit your goals and make sure they’re realistic.

When you’re feeling unmotivated, take some time and revisit your goals. Make sure they’re realistic and achievable, as this will help you stay on track when the going gets tough. Then make a plan of action, so you can break them down into achievable steps – no matter how small!

Staying motivated with exercise isn’t easy all the time, but if you focus on creating something manageable and attainable, then those pesky motivation blues won’t seem quite so hard to beat.

Track your progress to stay motivated.

Tracking your progress when working out can be a great way to stay motivated. Whether it’s the number of reps you complete or the total distance run during a jog on the treadmill — tracking your progress helps to keep track of small gains and successes from day to day. Watching your progress will give you a clearer understanding of all that you’ve done and how far you have come!

Find a workout buddy or accountability partner.

Working out isn’t always easy, and it’s often harder if you’re going it alone. If that’s the case for you, find an accountability partner or workout buddy. It can be a great way to meet new people and make connections with others who are also interested in getting fit!

Take time to rest – you don’t have to work out every day.

Taking time to rest is an important part of any fitness plan. Even if you don’t feel like it, you can still stay motivated without working out every single day.
Try taking one or two days a week off and doing some light exercise instead — this gives your body the break it needs to recharge, and allows you to come back feeling more motivated and energized.

Make exercise fun by listening to music or trying different activities.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a drag — in fact, with the right mindset and approach it can be something fun and enjoyable. One of the best ways to make exercise more enjoyable is to listen to music while you work out. The right beat can help keep the rhythm of your workout going, making it easier and more entertaining.

Or keep it fresh with something different. Give circuit training a go or check out functional training in our core + stretch areas.

Enlist a personal trainer

If staying motivated to hit the gym is a struggle, enlisting the help of a personal trainer can be an effective solution. Not only do trainers provide advice and knowledge on how to stay fit, but their enthusiasm can also be a great source of motivation.

Personal trainers also offer custom-tailored programs so that your workout routine meets you where you are.

Staying motivated to get to the gym can be a challenge, especially when you just don’t feel like it! But with a little effort and the right techniques, such as revisiting your goals, tracking your progress, working out with friends, and trying new routines, you can find the motivation to reach your fitness goals. So set yourself up for success and start maximizing your potential today!


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