rows of cardio machines ie treadmills in east tulsa

Get Your Heart Rate Up With Cardio Training

Gym member using on of our many cardio machines to workout.

At 10GYM in East Tulsa, we focus on making cardio training fun and exciting. We get it – sometimes, it can be hard to stay motivated on a treadmill. That’s why you’ll love doing cardio with us, as we have created a unique set up at this location. Not only do we offer a large variety of cardio machines, including treadmills, ellipticals, step mills, upright and recumbent bikes, spin bikes and rowers, but you’ll also find TVs on each of those machines. You simply have to show up, plug your headphones in and start watching while you work out. You choose what you want to watch using a remote control, making the process easy and painless. No more sharing televisions and having obstructed views. This is our way of making your cardio experience more enjoyable, as you burn calories, improve your blood circulation, and improve your endurance. Cardio is an important part of staying healthy and effective weight loss, and we want to give you the best cardio options on the fitness market. Stop by today to check it out.