Guest Privileges at 10GYM East Tulsa

Working Out with a Buddy is Better!


At 10GYM, it’s our mission to bring fitness to our community and guests are always welcome. Add energy to exercise with a little help from your friends!

5 Benefits of Working Out with a Partner at Our East Tulsa Gym

  1. You’re more likely to stick to your gym routine when your friend holds you accountable.
  2. It’s more fun to workout with a friend!
  3. There’s a built in support system to try a new class or set new goals.
  4. A partner offers motivation to push through a workout and challenge yourself further.
  5. You have someone to join you in celebrating your achievements!

friends working out together

Free Guest Privileges with the Preferred Membership WOW Factor

Why should you choose a Preferred Membership?

  1. Bring a guest for FREE everyday, every time.
  2. This preferred amenity is like a “2 for 1” membership — free friends and family!
  3. No catch! You can bring the same person or a different person.
  4. Free workout buddy – share the 10GYM fitness fun!
  5. Introduce family and friends to fitness as your free guest.
  6. Popular amenity makes choosing the Preferred Membership the best choice.
  7. Friends don’t let friends workout alone!

friends checking into a gym

Guest Policies

We do have policies in place for non-member guests at our gym:

  • Preferred Members may bring one guest per day for free. Guest must be 18 years or older and show Photo I.D. for each visit
  • Preferred Membership guests must be accompanied by Preferred Member at time of visit. The Preferred Member must stay on premises while their guest is using the club
  • Preferred guests have access to fitness and Kid’s Fun Zone
  • All Preferred Membership guests must be at least 12 years of age and all guests under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

For more information about guest privileges at our gym in East Tulsa, please stop by anytime or call the club at (918) 438-0193.