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Shake It Up With Group Fitness

10GYM members love our group fitness classes. We have a selection of classes for our members that give you a little bit of everything. Do you want to challenge yourself? Try our Boot Camp class. Want to have fun? Dance out the stress with our Zumba class. Need to unwind and stretch out the stress? Then, our yoga/pilates classes are just for you. Group fitness classes are great if you find yourself slowing down on the treadmill or not feeling motivated to lift weights. Group training keeps you motivated because of our dedicated instructors, the fast-paced music, and the new moves you’re introduced to throughout a single class. Members also love our classes because of the set structure, the accountability aspect, and the support they receive from our instructors. Plus, our classes are fun and exciting! The great thing is you don’t have to think about getting all of the correct exercises done, as our instructors will guide you through a planned routine that covers everything you need, including a warm-up and a cool-down. Stop by today and learn how you can get started with group fitness in East Tulsa.

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