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There’s nothing more motivating than working out with a group of people who are having a blast and giving it everything they’ve got in a fitness studio. And that’s exactly what we try to achieve in our group fitness classes in Owasso. We understand that some people love to work out with their friends, as friends serve as accountability partners. We know that you can easily come up with every excuse in the book to not go to the gym, but our group fitness classes will have you wanted more. At our 10GYM locations, you’ll find a selection of group fitness classes that will suit whatever mood you are in. Hit up our Boot Camp class if you’re ready to sweat it out and get that heart rate up. It’s time to shed the calories and get fit. If you’re tired and need a good stretch, hit up our yoga class and find your inner peace. If you’re in a great mood and just want to dance, hit up our Zumba class. You can get a copy of our class schedule for Owasso online or stop by our 10GYM location to get a copy today. We’d love to have you in our classes, so don’t hesitate to come work out with us.