top rated personal trainer helping client lift weights

The Amazing Trainers at 10GYM
can Help You
Get Fit, Strong, And Healthy

Some people need a little extra help to stay motivated to work out. The personal trainers at 10GYM give our members a sense of accountability and determination you won’t find anywhere else. At our Owasso location, you will find the very best personal trainers that are ready to help you with a plan that can have you reaching your fitness goals fast and efficiently. The trainers at 10GYM have worked with people who wanted to lose weight, tone their bodies, recover from injuries, and improve their athletic performance. The great thing about personal trainers is that they understand and know fitness and health. They understand what is required to meet your goals and can put together a plan for you so you can get results fast and effectively. You’ll get an understanding of your body, which means you can avoid injuries.  There are many more benefits to having a personal trainer, but rather than have us list them here, we’d rather share them in person. Stop by our 10GYM in Owasso today to discuss personal training.

Benefits of a Personal Training:

  • Accountability
  • Decrease Chance of Injury
  • Develop Healthy Workout Habits
  • Gain Strength
  • Improve Balance
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Lose Weight
  • Learn More About Your Body’s Capabilities
  • One-on-One Focus



Personal trainer helping a client learn about lifting.