Boost Your Core Strength
with Functional Training


Functional training is great exercise for every fitness level because it mirrors daily activities. You know, the lifting, pushing, squatting, and stretching of your everyday tasks. Functional training includes activities that prime your muscles and joints to work together as a unit of strength, so you’ll have less chance of muscle strain or injury and improved balance, flexibility, and endurance. You’ll get your heart pumping, too, which is great for revving your metabolism and burning calories.

In our Core & Stretch area, you’ll find gear like kettle bells, ropes, Bosu balls, plyo boxes, and TRX for a great workout that tightens, tones, and strengthens core muscles. If you need help designing a workout that meets your fitness needs, a personal trainer can help you map out a routine based on your abilities and goals.

It’s time to make fitness your number one priority, and the Core & Stretch area at our gym in Fort Smith is a great place to start. Stop by for a visit and try it out today!