Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

March 17, 2020


10GYM would like to let our members and employees know we are very concerned about this public health crisis and are doing our part in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we are temporarily closing all 10GYM locations. Please check our website, the 10GYM App, or social media for updates and information.

We appreciate you as members and employees and thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as we all adjust to this temporary, but rapidly changing, situation and find ways to cope. We hope you will continue to exercise at home, and we look forward to seeing you again very soon.

To freeze your monthly membership payments,  please email or call 1-866-898-5688


What will happen to my 10GYM Membership?

If you choose not to freeze your membership, our current plan is to assess the number of days we have been closed and then issue an applicable extension of membership time equal to those days. This means you will NOT lose any of the membership time you have paid for during the temporary closing.

How will my 10GYM dues be handled?

Membership dues will continue BUT an extension of membership time equal to any loss of time during the temporary closing will be added back to your membership.  If you would prefer to put your payments on FREEZE, you may do so by emailing or you may call 1-866-898-5688 and leave a message to initiate the process.  10GYM will return calls as soon as possible in the order received.

How will you communicate future updates?

We will communicate updates on our website, through the 10GYM App and social media.

How is 10GYM responding during this closure?

10GYM has a long-standing history of a strong and steady commitment to provide safe and clean environments for our Members, Guests and the 10GYM Team. Before the temporary club closure, we had implemented an enhanced and continuous sanitization protocol with VIREX 11 – 256, a hospital grade sanitizing/disinfecting product approved to fight viruses and cross-contamination. Before re-opening we will take all possible steps to ensure a sanitized and disinfected environment.

We at 10GYM have you and your family’s safety as our primary priority. We will continue to monitor new developments as they unfold and look forward to a speedy re-opening of all 10GYM locations as we return to serve your fitness needs. We appreciate your loyalty and patience with the difficult decision we felt we had to make for the well-being of our Members, Guests and our 10GYM Team.

How do I get Information about COVID-19?

Unfortunately, there is information on the Internet that is not reliable. And, because current events change rapidly, it is essential that you pay attention to the latest information. You should consider restricting Internet searches for information to known reliable sources such as, among others, the following

· The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

· The Oklahoma State Department of Health

· Tulsa Health Department

· The World Health Organization

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