A Men’s Health Winning Combo: Exercise + Nutrition

 4 Ways to Winning Health

Attention all men — it’s time to take charge of your health!

We know you’ve heard this before, but it always bears repeating: you’re never too young (or mature) to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. Perhaps you already do — and that’s great! We’re here to encourage you to continue on that path of health and wellness.

New to fitness? Here are 4 fundamentals to help you get started.

1. Build a Strong Foundation

Regular exercise helps ward off many age-related health concerns (like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease), and it also helps manage stress, anxiety and depression. So what’s your favorite way to workout? Start there.

    • Cardio

      Jump on a treadmill with some earbuds and your favorite beats. Row the distance on one of our rowing machines or cycle across terrain on a stationary bike. Solo exercise not your thing? Try body-conditioning bootcamp!


    • Functional Training

      Build a strong foundation and forge core muscles with equipment like ropes, kettlebells, and medicine balls.


  • Personal Training

    Fitness experts can guide you toward a routine you’ll enjoy that focuses on your goals. Regular gym-goer stuck on a plateau? Let a personal trainer jazz up your workout and launch you to the next level.

2. Fill Up with the Right Fuel

Exercise is just the beginning. This goes without saying, but filling up with the right fuel keeps your engine stoked. It’s the same with the food you use to power your body. Occasional fun snacks are fine, but consuming fresh, non-processed food (free from refined sugar and whole fat) on the regular will compliment the hard work you’re putting in at the gym.

Staying hydrated is also vital to health and fitness, especially since up to 60% of our bodies are composed of water.

3. Quit Smoking

Habits are hard to break, but it’s never too late to take this one on. Ditching the cigarettes will improve your health in numerous ways (like reducing your risk for COPD, heart disease, and lung cancer), not to mention how it will help your oral hygiene (fewer instances of bad breath, for example).

There are all types of resources available to help you get started on this journey. 10GYM urges you to make this a top priority!

4. Don’t Forget to Rest and Relax

Allow your body time to rest and relax. With today’s busy schedules and worries, it’s easy to get caught up in all that needs done. But adequate rest gives your mind the chance to unwind and your body’s cells the opportunity to heal and recharge.

There you have it.

With gyms in Oklahoma and Arkansas, 10GYM offers services and amenities for every age and skill level. Give us a try — and above all, remember this — we’re in this together!

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