Want to Manage Your Stress? Get Moving!

The Benefits of Exercise at 10GYM

Learning how to manage your stress is important to both your physical and mental health, but that’s easier said than done, right? We’d like to suggest that exercise is one of the healthiest and most effective ways to keep stress at bay. Before we delve into our solutions, let’s first look at how anxiety and stress affect our health.

Stress, You’re not Welcome Here

When you encounter a stressful situation, your body reacts by releasing a hormone called adrenaline. Your heart rate increases, as does your blood pressure. Staying in high gear can, over time, weaken your immune system and cause other health concerns such as stomach issues and headaches. You may even choose some not-so-wise methods — like food, alcohol, or a sedentary lifestyle — to help you cope. Ultimately, these choices can further lead to depression, an unhealthy weight, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.

We have another solution. Exercise.

Taking Control

It’s hard to wrangle stress into place, and sometimes it’s just easier to sleep, get lost in gaming, or overindulge in sweet/salty snacks to weather the storm. But by making a conscious effort to fight back with movement, you’ll put stress in the backseat and take charge of your own health and wellness.

The American Heart Association offers a list of health benefits resulting from exercise. You don’t have to start with a marathon! Even a walk at your own pace on one of our treadmills — or a spin on our indoor cycles — is a great beginning.

Making it Fun

A gym membership is another option. Cardio training, strength training, and group exercise classes provide the opportunity to work off the stress, redirect your energy, and rev your metabolism.

Another tip? Working out with a friend at our Oklahoma and Fort Smith Arkansas gyms will help you stay motivated, consistent, and accountable.

Whether you work out on our single station equipment, have a blast in a group class like Zumba, or stretch and relax in a yoga session, your buddy is by your side to share in every victory. The support, encouragement, and laughter you’ll experience will send stress packing!

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