Functional Training for Maximum Performance

The Elements of Functional Training at 10GYM

When you think of working out, what comes to mind?

If you picture running on a treadmill or lifting weights, you’re on the right track. But our Oklahoma and Fort Smith Arkansas gyms offer another type of workout that’s really beneficial. Functional training is powerful exercise that targets and strengthens muscle groups, builds power, and improves flexibility and agility.

Consider this.

You’re a mom who lifts toddlers, carries grocery bags, and totes backpacks. Maybe you’re a virtual employee with a workstation that does not provide proper neck or back support (i.e., your posture is admittedly slouchy).  Perhaps you’re a senior who easily loses balance and is at risk for falling, or you’re an athlete seeking to improve performance. While cardio and strength training are helpful workouts, functional training is the best way to teach muscles and joints to work as a unit of strength, ensure proper movement patterns, and hinder muscle injury and strain.

The Elements of Functional Training

    • Take a look at what you’d like to improve. Functional training offers many benefits, including muscle strength and weight loss; but the routine you establish helps coordinate your mind and body to perform at its best. Then set achievable goals; that is, know what you’d like to accomplish with your time at our 10GYM locations in Oklahoma and Fort Smith, Arkansas. Start slowly, with objectives you can reach, and build from there. Celebrate your successes!


    • Our trainers are here to ensure the most efficient and effective routine by measuring your baseline. What is your range of motion? Are there any areas of pain or discomfort? What are your levels of strength? With these measurements in mind, a personal trainer will help you develop a functional training path that helps you  meet those goals you identified.


  • Functional training equipment is simple: kettlebells, ropes, TRX bands, and medicine balls — plus your own body weight for added resistance. Your routine may also include movements you perform everyday — the squatting, bending, lifting, reaching, and twisting you do at home or at work — to train and strengthen muscles and joints. You’ll also discover the importance of stretching to keep your muscles flexible and limber.

Bring a Friend!

To keep your workout interesting, why not invite a friend to join you? Bring a friend for free with your preferred membership at our Oklahoma health clubs, and with a preferred plus membership at our gym in Fort Smith.

The best news about functional training is that it’s a great option for every age and fitness level. If you’re a youth (particularly a young athlete) seeking to learn proper movement patterns, or a mature adult pursuing an improved gait and better balance and flexibility, give it a try!


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