Group fitness class doing zumba.

Dance Your Way To A Confident You

A Group Fitness Class with Some Spice!

If you want exercise to be fun and exciting, it’s time to try Zumba. This fun class combines fun dance moves set to Latin music, allowing you to bring out your inner dancing queen while providing you with a full workout. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to dance. The goal is simply to keep moving and have fun with it. Zumba is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an effective weight loss solution. A single Zumba class allows you to burn upwards of 500 calories per class, but if you go full-intensity, it could be over 600 calories per class. That means you could shed weight fast and effectively with a balanced diet. Who knew weight loss could be fun? Stop searching for a gym with Zumba and just come visit us. But the class also has other benefits, including toning, boosting your heart health, and dealing with stress. Plus, it makes you happy! Stop by our Broken Arrow location today to learn more about dancing your way through weight loss – and having fun doing it.

Woman dancing and working out in a Zumba class