Group Yoga/Pilates class stretching

Stretch Out Your Tension With Yoga Group Exercise

Mind & Body Wellness

On top of our amazing group fitness classes, we also offer yoga/pilates for those who seek to slow down a little. Our yoga classes are designed to help you increase your flexibility, increase your muscle strength, tone your body, and improve your athletic performance. What many don’t know is that yoga and pilates also help you with improved energy, maintaining your metabolism, and help you with losing weight. If you’ve been looking for a gym with yoga and pilates and for a gym that has a flexible schedule where you can do yoga several times a week, then you’ve come to the right place. At 10GYM East Tulsa, we’re proud to do just that. We believe that yoga and pilates are both parts of an effective workout, so we’re excited to offer this to our members. If you’ve been looking into joining a yoga class to deal with your diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, heart disease, or simply want to feel better, then we invite you to stop by our 10GYM East Tulsa location today to learn more about joining our yoga classes. We’d love to have you.

group of people doing a yoga pose to stretch