Group of people in a spin class

Pedal Your Way to Fitness
with Spinning at 10GYM

Burn Calories & Tone Muscles!

Cycling at our Fort Smith gym is one exercise that works all of your muscles, including your heart. It can be easy on the joints if you pedal at your own pace in our Spin Studio — or a rigorous workout as you keep pace with the pack in a spinning group class. Either way, indoor cycling will increase your heart rate, boost your metabolism, improve endurance, and tone muscles.

Spinning is also a great weight loss solution as it burns unwanted calories and keeps a check on your heart health. It’s a great mood booster, too, so what’s not to love?

10GYM offers spinning group exercise throughout each day, and you can easily check the schedule to find what works best for you. Even better, stop by and take us for a spin. Visit our Core & Stretch area to warm up your muscles and then try a class. We’re here and ready to help you reach results!

Searching for spinning in Fort Smith? Look no further that 10GYM.

Spin class in modern gym